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Donation Plans

​Foster Parents

​¥ 60,000/¥120,000

Sakura Project's Foster Parents program encourages  supporters to donate a certain amount for one child among all. 

-  Donate ¥120,000 to support one child by your own. 
-  Donate ¥60,000 with the other supporter for one child.

Foster Parents for Sakura Eco Home

​¥ 30,000

This program offers you to be a Foster Parent for all children of 
Sakura Eco Home. 

General Membership

​¥ 10,000

This membership is for people who agree and are willing to support Sakura Project. 
​The donated money will be used for the operation of our facilities, as well as local school support projects. 

Student Membership

​¥ 5,000

For student supporters. 

Sakura Fundation


​We welcome donations with your selected amount. 
The donated money will be used for purchasing office supplies, dormitory supplies and facility renovations.

Naha-Joy Fundation


​This foundation is established for our Sakura student Naha Japu and Dormitory  Head Joy, who both passed away of a serious disease. 

-  Naha passed away of an aplastic anemia in 2000.
-  Joy passed away of a chronic kidney failure in 2006.

​The donated money will be used for our children and staffs medical support. 

Donate to  

​Kasikorn Bank 
Chiangrai Branch
​Sakura Project By Mr. Takashi Shinoda

We appreciate your kind support

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