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​Closed Sakura Eco Home due to Covid-19 pandemic.

​2018, 9

​First crowdfunding was carried out. 

2015, 5

Sakura Project was interviewed by a Japanese variety show "Discovering the Worlds's Mysteries" by TBS.

2014, 6

Sakura Project was interviewed by a TV documentary "Du Hai Lu" by Thai PBS.

2013, 11

​The German youth volunteer group visited Sakura Project to teach English.

2012, 8

​Takashi Shinoda (Miwa) received The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Award of 2012 Fiscal Year. The award reception was held at the Consulate-General of Japan in Chiang Mai. 

​2005, 11

​Received donation from The Fulford Foundation from Netherland.

2001, 10

Received the "Great Volunteer Award" from Deputy Prime Minister Dej Boon-Long at the Annual International  Volunteer Festival.

1997, 12

​A Japanese famous singer Hiroshi Itsuki donated 5 million yen from a sales profit from a charity concert.

1997, 4

​A documentary "Don't Forget a Song of Mind" was broadcasted by Tokyo TV.

1992, 6

​"Sakura Dormitory in Thailand" by Tokyo TV was broadcasted.

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