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Sakura Hamaya Museum of Ethnology

Take a glance at our newly opened museum!

Sakura Hayama Museum of Ethnology was opened on August 20th, 2022.

We renovated The Cultural Exchange Centre to a museum of ethnology to exhibit versatile cultural textiles, craft goods and documents.

​You can learn details about hill tribes around Northern Thailand. Let's check it out!

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​Get to know our projects since 1991



Sakura Project has been supporting over 400 children with education. We constructed dormitory and school to those in need. We will continue making a maximum effort to provide education opportunities to children in Chiang Rai.


Sakura Project is dedicated to putting our Northern Thailand community first. Our community supports human rights for ethnic minority in Northern Thailand. We also support children with health and sanitation program.



Sakura Project researches and protects culture and society of ethnic minorities  in Northern Thailand. We built a museum of ethnic minorities around Chiang Rai  as a preservation of their culture.


Sakura Project cherishes our culture. As a Japanese NGO, we exchange Japanese culture and Thai culture. One of our cultural exchange program is to take our children to Japan as an extracurricular activities. 

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