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About Us

Sakura Project is a Japanese NGO based in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It was established in 1991 by Miwa Takashi, a Japanese photographer and a writer. 

Our mission is to give an education opportunity to children in Chiang Rai, who mostly do not have an access to education due to poverty and other factors. Our target children are ethnic minority who lives in around Northern part of Thailand. 

Since then, we have provided dormitory, education opportunity and lifetime support for children in need.


Our Mission

​Our mission is to give an education opportunity to children who do not have an access due to poverty and other factors. 

​Greeting from Founder

Takashi Miwa

・Born in 1955 in Gifu, Japan

・Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Literature

・Photographer and writer

・Living in Thailand for 31 years


・Author of "The Golden Triangle of Thailand", 1989

Most of the hill tribes in Northern Thailand have migrated from China, Laos and Myanmar in these 1~2 centuries. The Akha, the Lahu, the Hmong, the Lisu, the Mien and the Paganyo are well-known tribes who migrated to Thailand.

Most of them have settled in the land without doing their traditional agriculture, however, their agricultural land is restricted by the Thai government's Forest Preservation Policy. It makes their lives in mountains difficult.

The migrated hill tribe people go to the city to work as earning by agriculture became difficult, but they struggle to find a good job since they do not have a good educational background. 

Many areas only have elementary schools or junior high schools, furthermore, they do not have transportation services for going to school. Hence, they stay in a dormitory. This makes children hard to go to school financially. Most of them drop out from schools and start working in the city even though they are minors, it causes the social issue such as drug trafficking, prostitution and AIDs epidemic.

As a result, the versatile tradition the tribe people had maintained have been vanishing rapidly. ​The village community had lived with each other's support, they now face the community disruption emergency. In order to solve this problem, making an accessible educational environment is important. 

Sakura Project supports those children by constructing and operating Sakura Dormitory by the supporters' kind donation. 

However, Sakura Project does not support them only for the poverty reason. We become their foster parents and interact with them through educational and living support and learning their beautiful tradition and culture. 

Sakura Project dedicate to support mutual international interaction. 

Please come and take a look at our place anytime. There is always something you can help us. We do appreciate your support. 

Founder of Sakura Project

​Takashi Miwa

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